Actuators for the power generation - Energy - Power Distribution

As well as traditional power stations, applications for Rotork products are found on renewable energy generation such as solar thermal plants and on CO2 emissions reduction processes such as flue gas desulphurisation and carbon capture and storage.

Rotork specialise in producing actuators and related equipment for every part of the power generation industry, including coal, oil and gas. We have over 50 years' experience in serving the power industry and we understand the challenges faced. We have a full range of actuators, all designed to meet the stringent requirements of the power generation industry and to provide the exacting levels of durability and reliability required.

At Rotork, we provide actuators for new build projects and we also provide complete support programmes, including retrofit and maintenance. We operate worldwide, backed by huge resources and our service is exceptional, always meeting our customers' deadlines whatever the circumstances.

Actuators are Vital
Actuators help control everything that happens in a power plant; so they're vital. Rotork actuators are accurate, robust and efficient. Backed by full service support, providing precise control, lower costs, lower emissions and a safe environment. That's why power stations worldwide specify Rotork.

7 Core Requirements
As a specialist in the power generation industry, Rotork is dedicated to meeting these 7 core needs with the actuators that we design and manufacture and the services we provide.

1. Durability & Reliability

  • All our actuators are designed to withstand the harsh environments and operating regimes of the power industry.
  • Designed to survive extreme conditions of temperature, vibration and dust.
  • Long operating life with very low maintenance requirements. Depending on their usage, many of our actuators are still operational after 30 years or more, even in the most demanding environments and with minimal or no maintenance.
  • IP68 environmentally sealed from the factory.
  • Non-intrusive settings mean the covers do not ever need to be removed, even for commissioning.

2. Flexibility & Efficiency

  • Fast, fine and accurate changes to the feedwater and steam circuits, to quickly achieve the desired output with minimal wastage.
  • Fine control of fuel and air flows enhances the combustion efficiency and reduces power losses.
  • Very fine controls result in less thermal shocks and a reduction in downtime.

3. Operational Costs

  • Our self-contained actuators require a low level of maintenance, and are more power efficient than traditional pneumatic or hydraulic systems.
  • Integral diagnostics enable planned maintenance and avoid unplanned emergencies.
  • Costs reduced through reliable and accurate operation, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

4. Safety

  • Information on status of valves and actuators is available centrally and locally.
  • Full data capture of history of valve and actuator, for diagnosis and management.
  • Valve torque profiles and events log to help diagnose valve and control problems.
  • Valve and actuator information to guide maintenance plans.

5. Protecting the Environment

  • Very fine, very fast control of dampers reduces gas emissions.
  • Accurate control of valves to reduce process waste.
  • Our actuators provide accurate control for all environmental applications including flue gas desulphurisation and similar systems.

6. Information & Management

  • Our actuators interface with any plant control system.
  • Accurate data is readily available from our actuators.
  • Our easily accessible diagnostics provide full management information.
  • Full information on settings, operational accuracy, feedback and history.
  • New actuators can easily be incorporated into existing systems.
  • Password protection of all information.

7. Maintenance & Support

  • Install, commission and provide complete integration into existing systems.
  • Provide a full service during plant outage, including inspection of all actuators, removal, overhaul and replacement.
  • Support for all legacy actuators.
  • Full asset management programmes, including health checks and preventative maintenance.

Controlling Critical Activities

At the most critical parts of any power plant there are actuators, controlling every operation, minimising every danger, often in the toughest environments.
Let's look at the hazards and risks and then see how Rotork actuators meet the special needs of each key area.

1. Coal Mill
Hazards and Risks

  • Heavy vibration
  • Very hot
  • Dust in the atmosphere
  • Risk of explosion

Rotork Actuators

  • Withstand the vibration, heat & dust
  • Explosion proof
  • Accurately control the fuel & air supplies
  • Accurately control the flow from the primary air fan
  • Immediate failsafe operation in an emergency

2. Burners & Furnace Air Flow
Hazards and Risks

  • Flame out
  • Inefficient burn & wastage of fuel
  • Destabilised boiler
  • Extremely high temperatures
  • Excess emissions

Rotork Actuators

  • Accurate control of the fuel & air streams
  • Precise regulation of supplementary air
  • Operate at high temperatures
  • Immediate failsafe operation

3. Induced Draught Fans
Hazards and Risks

  • Instability in the whole plant
  • Excessive emissions

Rotork Actuators

  • Continuous modulation of gas flow
  • Precise positioning of fan vanes
  • Very fast reaction speed

4. Flue Gas Desulphurisation
Hazards and Risks

  • Excess emissions of gas
  • Blockages in slurry removal

Rotork Actuators

  • Reliable & durable in harsh conditions
  • Accurate control of valves & dampers
  • Non-intrusive setting

5. Boiler Feedwater
Hazards and Risks

  • Excess pressure in boiler
  • Thermal shocks
  • Poor steam temperature control

Rotork Actuators

  • Fast & precise response
  • High thrust
  • Withstand heat & vibration

6. Steam Circuit
Hazards and Risks

  • Pressure too high or too low
  • Temperature too high or too low
  • Inefficiency or failure in turbine
  • Extremely high temperatures

Rotork Actuators

  • Very accurate control
  • Fast positioning
  • Withstand heat & dust

7. Circulating Water System
Hazards and Risks

  • Leaks in cooling system
  • Cross contamination between condensate and cooling water

Rotork Actuators

  • Automation of extremely large valves
  • Emergency shut-off of large valves
  • Immediate response after long periods of inactivity
  • Partial stroking to test operation of actuator and valve