Applied Catalysts

Applied Catalysts

Air pollution control catalyst solutions for CO2 capture sector - Air and Climate

It is widely understood that manmade CO2 emissions are a major contributor to climate change. As one of the most prevalent greenhouse gases emitted from industry, methods to reduce CO2 are both a political and industrial hot topic. Research continues on ways to harness or reduce CO2 emissions from a variety of sources.

Activated carbon is a material of interest for much of this research. The main advantage of using activated carbon is its ability to be fully regenerated in either a pressure swing reactor or vacuum swing reactor.

The ACM (activated carbon monolith) is manufactured in a structure that could be ideal for large scale reactors, taking advantage of the well-known characteristics of a monolith, (i.e. low pressure drop, and high geometric surface area).

In addition to CO2 adsorption, the ACM materials can be used to remove or purify streams of methane or hydrogen, increasing the value of such streams that are “contaminated” with CO2.