Aluminium-Air Technology for Electric Transportation - Energy - Power Distribution

Passenger cars can now run with zero emission while not compromising convenience. Phinergy powered cars offer a similar range to gas powered cars, and they only take five minutes to reload.

Long Range

Matches the driving range of non-electric cars

Fast Energy Reload

Reloads to full energy capacity in less than 5 minutes

Light Infrastructure

Compatible with existing service networks

Weather Proof

Range is consistent, even in cold weather

100% Electric



Lowers the costs of Electric Vehicles


Phinergy powered busses can run 24/7, with zero emission. Phinergy's lightweight solution results in maximizing space, which allows for a larger amount of passengers.


Commercial vehicles equipped with Phinergy's systems can now be zero emission while not compromising on efficiency and quality. These vehicles can run around the clock and allow for more storage room.