Sebigas spa

Biogas solutions for industrial sector - Energy - Bioenergy

Companies or medium-large industries have to do with different types of organic by-products coming from their production processes, as coffee, sugar, ethanol, fruit juice, soft drinks, dairy products, oil, rice and other cereals. These by-products are a cost for the company, both from environmental and economical point of view: the leftovers need to be stocked and then disposed. The construction of a biogas plant represent the most efficient solution, eliminating the cost of disposal and at the same time, utilizing their own production leftovers for the production of electrical energy to use for their production process, thermal energy or for the production of biomethan to connect to the national transport grid.

In 2017 SEBIGAS launched its first industrial plant in Greece, for the production of 1 MW of electricity.

The plant, composed of 2 digesters and 3 pre-tanks , is fed with very different industrial waste: bovine sewage, slaughterhouse waste, expired food, beer production waste and whey. Thanks to the support of the Sebigas internal biological laboratory, the customer has found the perfect recipe for feeding the plant.