Eos Energy Storage

Energy storage solutions for renewables industry - Energy - Renewable Energy

Renewable energy accounts for an increasing portion of our electricity supply, but intermittency is a growing constraint. Energy storage integrates and optimizes these resources to create more availability for clean power generation and transmission.

  • Energy Management
    Batteries can store variable production of solar and wind electricity to use when needed, thereby creating a firm dispatchable resource. With enhanced energy capacity and immediate response time, Eos’ Aurora product is ideal for time shifting wind—the majority of which is produced at night—or solar to better coincide with peak demand. Eos batteries can also defer or mitigate infrastructure upgrades needed to accommodate high penetrations of distributed solar, and they can reduce transmission costs by increasing utilization capacity (typical wind/solar utilization is 30-40%, resulting in 3X the optimal transmission capacity). Storage also enables self-sufficient microgrids capable of powering homes, remote villages, or large commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Remote Access
    Renewable energy is an increasingly important asset for rural communities and areas with limited transmission and distribution infrastructure. Energy storage is an essential component of renewable-powered microgrids, creating a clean, dispatchable resource while expanding access to traditionally underserved locations.