Energy Technology Centre Ltd

Energy Technology Centre Ltd

Engineering services for thermal systems and biomass industry - Energy - Bioenergy

Comprehensive development and test facilities for a range of thermal power and heat transfer systems are available at Energy Technology Centre.

Key facilities include:

  • SI and Diesel engine test beds
  • Small gas turbine test facility
  • Experimental biomass gasifier
  • 10 bar research shell boiler
  • 4 MW, 30 bar steam generator
  • Test cells for combustion and burner evaluation
  • Dynamometer capacities from 20 kW to 650 kW
  • 2.7 MW cooling capability
  • Exhaust gas emissions measurement capability

These facilities are complemented by instrumentation and logging systems.  Client support for thermal and power system development include:

  • Thermal system design, build and test
  • Thermal power plant evaluation
  • Heat transfer studies
  • Combustion testing and analysis
  • Alternative fuel applications including biomass