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Porvair Filtration Group have supplied a comprehensive range of filtration and separation products to the energy market for many years. We supply all major sectors of the power generation, distribution and supply industry, and our technology is used over a wide range of applications. These include, but are not limited to, the distribution of natural gas, conditioning and treatment of fuel oils, hydrocarbons and produced water, clean coal technologies, gasification and fuel cell technology. Our unrivalled experience and extensive product range ensures we can supply a fully engineered tailored solution for every application.

We are active in a number of areas concerning the generation and safeguarding of energy production, and is leading innovations in gasification technologies to enable the production of synthetic natural gas (syngas or biogas) as part of alternative clean energy techniques. The clean up of natural gas by the filtration of particulate and the separation of liquids using the latest separation techniques, ensures that the cost of ownership to the network companies is minimised and the availability of clean, dry natural gas is ensured. Porvair are also using our expertise in filtration technology in a variety of fuel cell projects where our high performance media is a pre-requisite for this emerging and developing technology.

For over 25 years, Porvair Filtration Group have provided filtration solutions in both integrated package and individual filter vessels and housings. The contaminant removal is achieved through the combination of centrifugal separation forces in cyclones and filter or coalescer cartridges, to finely separate the contaminants remaining. Porvair is one of the few companies able to bring the necessary expertise of mass reduction technology with high efficiency filtration in an innovative two-stage separation plant.

Our products include high performance filter elements, filter coalescers and basket strainers. Filtration and separation products range, from wire mesh elements at 100’s microns aperture size to specialist sintered metal fibre and powder structures with sub-micronic pore structures. Multiple cyclones for pre-separation mass reduction duties are specifically designed to ensure maximum turndown capability with the necessary separation efficiency to protect downstream equipment.

We have the capability to provide a range of products from a single, specialised, retrofit element to complete fabrications, packages and vessels to meet the precise needs of a complex application. This is complimented with on-site support and a complete after sales service. In addition to our acknowledged leadership in both engineering and quality, we also have the capability to offer the services of our extensive laboratory, development and testing facilities.

We are continuing to research new materials and material forms for the application into filtration and separation technology. That can be by the development of metallic membranes or through the use of specialist surface modification, to provide surface properties that are beneficial to either the separation activity or the longevity of the filtration equipment. We operate high levels of quality control under the umbrella of ISO9001, this encompasses the requirements of PD5500, ASME VIII, EN13445 and PED for the pressure vessel build, as well as industry related standards.