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High performance separation system for lube oil industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries - Oil

Many lube oil recovery processes create aqueous and hydrocarbon emulsions that are difficult to separate by means of conventional liquid/liquid separations technology. Accomplishing the desired separation requires that these emulsified droplets be captured. Conventional coalescers are unable to provide the degree of brightness and clarity associated with good separation due to the inability to capture and remove the most penetrating droplets that indicate carry-over. Pentair Porous Media technologies have been developed to address the inherent deficiencies of the conventional coalescers.


UltiDri removes free, emulsified and dissolved water from petroleum-based and synthetic oils. Down to 25 ppm (0.0025%) or less. The degree of water removal will depend on the type of oil, its affinity for water (water solubility), the rate of water ingression into the system, and the size and model of the ULTIDRI selected.

ULTIDRI filter-dehydrators also come with Pentair Porous Media’s high performance GENESIS coreless elements for achieving optimum ISO cleanliness levels. The GENESIS technology ensures high fluid quality while simultaneously lowering overall operating costs and reducing waste. ISO cleanliness level down to 12/9 or lower can be obtained.

High capital costs associated with conventional dehydration systems, most lubrication and hydraulic system have not been able to justify the use of advanced water removal technology, nor continuously maintain the oil in a clean, dry state. UltiDri changes that!


ProcessOR provides high performance solid-liquid separation. Solid contaminants range from sub-micron particulates as small as viruses to particles several hundred microns in size. The liquids range from aqueous to hydrocarbon systems with viscosities up to 60,000 cP. Pentair Porous Media’s sold-liquid technolgies have been applied in the oil and gas, refinery, chemical, petrochemical and power industries.

ProcessOR's standard elements are cored, however, you may upgrade to our COMPAX coreless element technology. The COMPAX coreless element flows from the outside-to-the-inside. This element is offered with an extended surface area media configuration utilizing our proprietary NexCel media. The media provides robust performance in glycol and aqueous service as well as hydrocarbon applications. The COMPAX coreless element designs currently being used by a large number of gas plants and hydrocarbon processes due to the superior operating economics and ergonomic advantages.