ITM Power

Hydrogen gas solutions for refinery hydrogen sector - Energy - Fuel Cells

ITM Power can provide a clean, on-site hydrogen supply which will decarbonise the refining process and reduce emissions.
Refinery’s use vast quantities of hydrogen in the de-sulfurization of crude oil to make petrol and diesel. Recently with the demand of diesel increasing, this has led to a demand increase for hydrogen, as diesel requires more refining than petrol. Currently hydrogen used in this process is made via steam methane reformation (SMR) which usually involves natural gas for the feedstock for the production of on-site hydrogen, resulting in a high CO2 output.

Refineries are under tremendous pressure to meet environmental legislation and reduce the emissions of their processes. Hydrogen production is central to the operation of a refinery, because it is essential for refining crude oil into fuels and other useful hydrocarbons. By generating hydrogen in a cleaner way, using an ITM Power Electrolyser, a refinery can decarbonise the hydrogen it uses, and so reduce its atmospheric emissions.