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Hydrogen Refueling for Fuel Cell Forklifts - Energy - Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells are changing the way the world works, and material handling operations are leading the way.  Today, fleet managers are replacing the lead-acid batteries in electric forklift trucks with hydrogen fuel cells at record rates and, in the process, are seeing operational improvements like increased productivity, lower operating costs and reduced carbon footprint.

Larger operations from global companies have been leading the charge to fuel cells.  The challenge is how to translate these benefits to small or midsize distribution center that operate under 100 lift trucks.

The cost and availability of hydrogen is often a critical factor in determining the economic feasibility of a fuel cell forklift solution for the small to midsize distribution center.  Delivered hydrogen produced at large scale production facilities can be expensive and is often limited by regulations.  Hydrogen can also be produced on‐site using an electrolyzer, but electrolyzers are expensive and power hungry.

The L-Series was designed to provide a scalable hydrogen solution for the small to midsize distribution center delivering the overall lowest cost of hydrogen for the warehouse operator.   e1 hydrogen generation technology is being deployed as a cost-effective station platform, particularly when delivered hydrogen gas is not available at economical prices.

Key Advantages for the Refueling Station Operator:

  1. Lowest total cost of hydrogen: Converts an environmentally friendly, easily handled, readily available, and hydrogen dense feedstock blend of methanol and DI water into fuel cell grade high-purity hydrogen at the lowest cost per kilogram delivered.
  2. Lowest initial cost of equipment: Lower capital cost compared to legacy electrolyzer and natural gas reformer solutions.  An L-Series hydrogen generator can reduce the cost of a typical hydrogen refueling station by 25%, stretching the available capital to build more refueling stations and extend hydrogen coverage.
  3. Versatile Solution:Scalable hydrogen generation from 50 kg/d to 500 kg/d allowing the operator to size hydrogen production according to the needs of the fuel cell fleet operations.
  4. Easy Siting:Compact design with a limited footprint allows for flexible installation into both existing and proposed fueling locations.
  5. Reliable Operation:Few moving parts, low maintenance requirements, and a long economic life.
  6. Environmentally Friendly:Quiet and reduced emissions with no particulate matter, and low CO2 emissions.

Target Uses

  • Lift trucks
  • Container handlers

If you are a distribution warehouse operator looking for affordable hydrogen production, please contact us with your project details.