HydroQuest SAS

HydroQuest Hydrokinetic Turbines for clean energy in operation - Energy - Hydro Power

Why believe and investin hydrokinetic turbines? Whether designed to harness river currents or marine currents, HydroQuest hydrokinetic turbines deliver an effective energy solution for

  • Developing countries: in the throes of industrial expansion, they represent a large potential of additional hydroelectric power to meet growing needs, including on isolated sites.
  • Industrialized countries: to supplement other energy sources, hydrokinetic turbines represent the ideal solution for hydroelectric production on water courses that are not suited to conventional hydroelectric structures and on marine locations.

HydroQuest, a player in the Energy Transition for Green Growth, delivers its response to this energy-related, industrial, economic and social challenge. HydroQuest water current turbine technology is a promising solution to reduce CO2 emissions and thereby limit carbon footprints.

HydroQuest hydrokinetic turbines are a reliable and environmentally-sound source of energy. A genuine renewable source of energy, they represent an excellent alternative source of energy production.