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DOD Technologies provides products in various applications that utilize, manufacture, or expel toxic, corrosive, and combustible gases. However, we also provide solutions outside of gas detection. Wind turbines utilize large blades propelled by the wind to generate renewable energy. One major challenge with wind is that it doesn’t come from the same direction every day. Therefore, wind turbines are fixed to rotating head that can optimize the collection of wind energy. This rotating head utilizes bearings to change direction efficiently and smoothly.

Over the course of time, bearings coated in oil or grease will start to degrade due to friction from improper grease and oil levels. The SDM-72 and SDM-73 models by New Cosmos are capable of collecting grease samples from the ball bearing joints to provide an accurate measurement of steel dust found in the grease or oil sample. The level of steel dust found in the sample will allow servicing agents to properly lubricate the ball bearings.

As one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources in the world, wind turbines provide a proven way to generate large amounts of power in a relatively safe way. Failure to properly maintain wind turbine joints, blades, and systems can result in failure, fire, or even collapse.