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A shift towards replacing fossil fuels with more renewable energy resources is expected to be a key driving factor in the growth of the Biogas Market. To help meet future global energy demand, incentives and even subsidies have been provided to encourage farmers, municipalities and industrial producers to increase their production volume. Biogas is produced by the breakdown of organic matter, typically plant and animal waste products, in the absence of oxygen using anaerobic organisms. The process is fully controlled within a sealed stainless steel tank. The produced biogas is a clean and renewable energy that is considered an alternative to natural gas for cooking, producing vapor or hot water, and even generating electricity.

The complex bioreactors, where the production of biogas takes place, are designed to support a biologically active environment. And for the environment to be able to sustain the necessary activity and growth levels of the anaerobic organisms, there must be complete and precise control of many variables, including temperature, pH, and individual concentrations of oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and other dissolved gases. Monitoring individual gas levels helps biogas producers react to any changing condition inside their bioreactors before it could affect their anaerobe population.

AMI offers several gas analyzers, capable of helping biogas producers monitor their trace oxygen and trace hydrogen sulfide levels inside their bioreactors. Our Model 2010BR is designed for precise, reliable trace O2 measurements, while our MODEL 3000RS and MODEL 3010BR are built to provide accurate trace H2S measurements. Our units contain our patented ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK™ and COMMAND CENTER ELECTRONICS PLATFORM™, considered the industry’s most advanced technologies for reliable and ease-of-operation gas analysis. And unlike other competitive oxygen analyzers and sensors that struggle within a hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide environment, our compact, rugged units are designed to handle some of the harshest environments and have agency approvals for Class 1, Div. 1 Groups B,C,D requirements in a flammable gas stream. Our T Series of O2 sensors can handle environments with 100% CO2 in the background and, more importantly, are the only trace oxygen sensors on the market with resistance to trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide. In fact, our T-4 trace oxygen sensor can tolerate up to 500ppm of H2S.

Our solutions for trace oxygen and trace hydrogen sulfide measurements would be indispensable instruments in helping you monitor the environment within your bioreactors. So contact us today and let us help you optimize your biogas production.