EDUR-Pumpenfabrik Eduard Redlien GmbH & Co. KG

Innovative Pump Technology for Energy Industry

Different temperatures, varying media – and always the demand for reliability, long service life and efficiency. EDUR additionally offer the principle of application-specific pump design.

EDUR pumps are used for a variety of tasks in the energy industry: For pumping hot water, in boiler systems, for the recovery of condensates (water), for the delivery of liquid gas and water-glycol mixtures in solar technology, for condensing the steam in steam turbines and engines, for heating pipelines and in processing stations for natural gas extraction.

Other examples are heating of fuel storage depots, heavy oil and bitumen chambers. Our pumps can also be found on stationary and mobile platforms of the crude oil extraction and processing industry. A specific example for the use of the EDUR pump type LBM is the extraction of biodiesel in one of the largest biodiesel refineries in Europe with a capacity of 150,000 dpa.

The strain caused by high temperatures and corrosive media is only one side of the requirements for modern pump solutions. Another side are the increasingly ambitious requirements for economical and energy efficiency of technologically advanced torque-flow pumps. EDUR therefore supply each pump especially designed for its future application. In combination with highly efficient motors this allows the pumps to reach optimum energy efficiency. As a member of the Blue Competence initiative, a sustainability initiative by the German Engineering Association VDMA, EDUR are at the head of this development.