Carbolite Gero Ltd - part of Verder Scientific

Laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces solutions for electronics industry - Electronics and Computers

Within the electronics industry manufacturers of ICs (integrated circuits), PCB and semiconductor devices use Carbolite bench top and floor standing ovens for a number of tests to prove their components. The Carbolite Peak series (PN Natural Convection Oven & PF Fan Convection Oven) as well as the GP General Purpose ranges of ovens are used at elevated temperatures over an extended period for burn-in and stress testing of components to detect faults. Carbolite ovens can accommodate both rack and shelf loading. Carbolite has supplied ovens and furnaces for the manufacture and testing of fuel cells which are used in products including vehicles, aerospace and mobile device chargers. Both top hat and walking beam furnaces are used for batch and continuous manufacture of ceramic components.