Fugro EMU Limited

Marine envrionmental solutions for renewable energy industry - Energy - Renewable Energy

Fugro EMU Limited is a specialist in renewable energy and has been involved in assisting clients in their site selection process for R2, Scottish Territorial Waters and R3 developments. In the initial site selection process, Fugro EMU will broadly highlight the environmental, socio-economic and technical issues of a given site through a combination of short term consultation, desk based studies and expert knowledge thereby allowing the client to make a site selection based on accepted scientific fact. Once a site has been selected, Fugro EMU’s team of specialist environmental consultants will further assess the site on a number of feasibility factors including geophysical analysis, environmental constraints and current uses.

Offshore renewable energy projects present significant challenges beyond those of working in a hostile environment. Fugro EMU has staff trained in stakeholder engagement and conciliation, legislation and consenting specialists and highly experienced project managers. Through our work with the National Grid and The Crown Estate on issues such as due diligence assessments and the development of Zone Appraisal and Planning Guidance (ZAP) we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of developments in the legislative and regulatory requirements relating to renewables.

Fugro EMU can additionally offer a clear understanding of proportionality with consultancy, metocean and ecology studies being relative to the project scale required for wave and tidal developments. All services provided by Fugro EMU can be tailored to fulfill the specific requirements of developers and regulators within this industry sectors.