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Meteorological sensors for wind turbine control - Energy - Wind Energy

Higher, more robust, more reliable: Parallel to the growing requirements for wind turbines, the requirements for monitoring sensors grow as well. But how can wind sensor manufacturers fulfil these wishes? The ideal sensor has both a high degree of precision and a long, maintenance-free useful life under the most extreme of conditions. While mechanical anemometers were initially used in turbines, most producers around the world have since switched to ultrasonic anemometers without moving parts as part of their standard equipment. We have different ultrasonic wind sensors with open protocols / interfaces, which allows an easy exchange of old mechanical wind sensors trough state-of-the-art ultrasonic anemometers on your wind turbine.

Key benefits of our ultrasonic wind sensors
  • Measuring range: Up to 100 m/s (360 km/h)
  • Interface: Analog and digital
  • Housing: Choose between Seawater-resistant aluminum and high quality plastic housing
  • Protection class: up to IP68
  • Ventus-X for extreme ambient conditions / cold climate
  • Factory calibration in traceable wind tunnel with measurement certificate
  • Secondary calibration during useful life by qualified laboratory, including measured value correction, if necessary