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Mobile Hydrogen Generation for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle - Energy - Fuel Cells

Fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) solutions provide affordable zero-emission transportation together with excellent performance. Governments around the world are implementing clean energy transportation in direct response to the harmful effects of air pollution caused by internal combustion engines. Fuel cells improve the performance of electric buses by generating onboard power for propulsion as well as to recharge batteries.  e1’s hydrogen generator using a hydrogen dense mixture of methanol and water extends the range of the FCEV beyond what may be typically achieved using onboard compressed hydrogen.  FCEV fleets supported by e1’s M-Series hydrogen generators are an effective means to address air quality challenges, extend the range of the FCEV and provide the fleet operator greater route flexibility.

Key Advantages for Mobile Hydrogen Generating Systems

  1. Versatile Solution: Scalable hydrogen generation to support 30 kW to 50 kW fuel cell solutions.
  2. Extends Range of FCEV:  On-demand fuel cell grade hydrogen generation produced from a tank of environmentally friendly, easily handled, hydrogen dense blend of methanol and DI water, increases the range of FCEV’s beyond the limits of stored compressed hydrogen. 
  3. Reliable Operation: Few moving parts, low maintenance requirements, and remote monitoring.
  4. Compact:  Reduces space and weight requirements and maximizes passenger capacity.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Quiet and reduced emissions with no particulate matter, and low CO2 emissions.

Target Uses

  • HD Truck
  • Marine
  • Transit Bus
  • Rail
  • Mobile Generator

If you are a fuel cell OEM, system integrator, or fleet operator looking to use fuel cell products for mobile power application please contact us with your project details.