Noise and vibration pollution control for wind power industry - Energy - Wind

As a major source of renewable energy, wind turbines are continuing to experience exponential growth, with a production capacity that is doubling every three years. Reliability and the optimisation of maintenance have become major economic challenges for wind turbine operators.

The wind energy industry must find solutions to ensure reliability and optimise electricity generation in order to:

  • avoid serious damage and minimise repair costs
  • reduce unplanned shutdowns and production losses
  • improve the availability and reliability of wind turbines through scheduled maintenance operations
  • reduce maintenance and insurance costs through improved planning.

ONEPROD Wind System is an innovative, robust and reliable solution. It combines years of experience and technical expertise to respond to the specific requirements of the wind power industry. From the MVX online system to centralised Web supervision, ONEPROD provides operators with optimum performance through performance contracts including a commitment to results. ONEPROD Wind System, a GL-certified global solution, offers a system suited to the monitoring of wind turbines, while allowing for reduced insurance costs.