Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Oil separation and removal systems for Fuel distribution industry - Energy - Fuel Cells

The fuel distribution industry frequently encounters oil – from the fuel itself, during the equipment cleaning or servicing process to fuel spills and more. And, this excess oil often mixes with water, creating run-off that is collected in wastewater containment areas.

As required by wastewater regulations, fuel must be separated and removed from these containment areas. Oil skimming systems from Oil Skimmers, Inc. can help those in the fuel distribution business remove and recover oil while also delivering benefits such as:

  • Improve efficiency of wastewater cleaning and treatment by continuously removing oil/fuel without the need for supervision, weekly maintenance or outside disposal companies – resulting in cleaner wastewater and lower operational costs
  • Increase opportunity to meet and/or exceed local, state and federal EPA wastewater disposal/discharge requirements
  • Enhance environmental responsibility through decreased environmental impact
  • Remove fuel from wastewater regardless of fuel level/amount (low or high) present
  • Increase efficiency of oil/water separators and reduce costs associated with ‘pump outs’ while eliminating large amounts of water collection along with fuel


Typical fuel distribution industry applications can include the following:

  • Wastewater containment areas that collect oily wastewater following equipment cleaning, etc
  • Sumps or pits that collect rain or wash water from oil/fuel leaks or spills resulting from fueling trucks or filling tanks (prior to wastewater containment area)
  • Oil/water separators that may inherit oil resulting from cleaned up oil/fuel spills (Note: pairing an oil skimmer with an oil/water separator increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the separator)