Primary air control for coal-fired power plants - Energy - Conventional Energy

Power Generation Combustion Air Measurements: The need for accurate, repeatable & reliable combustion air measurements in power generation plants is critical to efficient operation and safety throughout the entire facility and processes. Coal-fired power plant applications pose a number of challenges to obtaining these critical flow measurements includ¬ing large ducts, limited metering runs, poor velocity and temperature profiles, high vibration, temperatures up to 750° F and dirty `Fly Ash` laden air.

A Midwest Coal Fired Power Plant operated a 175 MW Wall-Fired 8oiler and used Pitot Tube/Dp technology to measure & control the Primary Air into the Bowl Mill Pulverizer.

This traditional measurement technology resulted in:

  • Unreliable and non-repeatable Dp/Air Flow measurements
  • Very Low/Unstable Dp measurement (.03' WC) at low fire conditions
  • Regular Maintenance/Cleaning of the Pitot Tubes
  • Pinching off of the Mill Classifiers to meet desired coal fineness
  • Mill 'Puffs' which started out as non-destructive and got worse result¬ing in $1,000,000 damage to the Burners