Recycling Solutions for the energy and environment industry - Environmental

A comprehensive range of power generation technologies with environmental benefits. ANDRITZ technologies and processes for power generation utilize renewable fuels as well as traditional fossil fuels in efficient and environmentally appealing ways. In addition, there are purely environmental technologies in this category to meet the most stringent standards for emissions and effluent quality. From steam generators and hydropower plants, to air pollution control systems and wastewater treatment equipment, ANDRITZ offers a broad range of products for renewable energies as well as environmental and climate protection.

Rising energy costs and the security of long-term energy supplies focus our attention on energy production that is sustainable, secure, efficient, and has a reduced impact on the environment.

ANDRITZ products and technologies for renewable energies already account for 45% of the Group’s sales. Our hydropower equipment helps reduce CO2emissions considerably every year. Our drying and pelleting plants convert biomass into fuel pellets. We are developing technology for forest residue gasification to produce biofuel. Our fluidized bed boilers are used to produce electricity from biomass.

ANDRITZ also offers a broad range of technologies for wastewater treatment, thermal utilization of sludge, biomass drying, air pollution control, and other environmental applications, all from a single source.