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Small steam turbines solutions for waste heat sector - Energy - Waste to Energy

Waste heat is found in virtually all forms of energy production as well as in motorized verhicles. It is becoming an extremely important and efficient way of generating electricity. Due to rising energy costs and legal requirements for reductions in CO2 emissions there is a high demand for energy efficient waste recovery systems.

The shipping industry is one of the markets that will have to deal with a number of CO2-reductive measures and requirements in the next coming years. One of the innovative solutions Green Turbine™ can offer is a customized Waste Heat Recovery System (WHRS) that works with the flue gasses of a diesel- , gas- or fuel cell engine. The system can also be adjusted to process waste heat of production ovens or furnaces and convert it into electricity. Optional, is to use the remaining heat of the system for other purposes. The Green Turbine WHR system is a decentralized, compact and easy-to-install application. It can work with one or more turbines depending on the engine size and the amount of the
waste heat that is available.

A feasibility study in the shipping industry shows a ROI of 2,6 years or less for a Green Turbine™ WHR system that includes 3 x a 15 kW system. It can potentially save around EUR 40.000 kg of diesel each year.

Wanted: Early adaptors in shipping!

Green Turbine™ has received a European grant (SME instrument horizon in 2020, innovation in transport phase 1) which we used to do market research for our waste heat recovery system in shipping. We have been encouraged to pursue the follow-up funding (phase 2) in which our system will be demonstrated on board of a ship.

To apply for this grant, we are looking to join forces with an early adaptor that can provide us with a test location on a ship.