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SolarReserve’s industry-leading solar thermal technology features an integrated molten salt energy storage system that provides a stable and predictable electricity dispatch similar to that of conventional utility power facilities—without any associated harmful environmental emissions or volatile fuel costs. Additionally, our solar thermal power plants with integrated energy storage are cost-competitive with most new build fossil fuel or nuclear technology.

SolarReserve offers a wide array of valuable solar solutions to utility customers, ranging from peaking to baseload power generation projects, from ten to hundreds of megawatts. Our projects are founded on a track record of success and decades of technology development. At our core, solar with storage is what we do best.


SolarReserve’s core CSP technology delivers tremendous value to utility customers by offering cost-effective solar energy with storage at a large scale.

Cost-Effective Storage.

SolarReserve’s industry-leading design enables a tremendous amount of storage to be fully integrated into a solar power plant. Molten salt storage creates a buffer between the when the sun is shining and when electricity is generated, smoothing out the intermittency that limits other renewable technologies. Molten salt is a safe, well-understood, and commercially mature storage technology already in widespread use around the world. In sunny locations, SolarReserve’s CSP with molten salt storage is cost-competitive against new coal, natural gas, hydropower, and nuclear projects.

High-Value Energy.

Storage allows SolarReserve to deliver high-value energy when the grid needs it most. Independent studies have shown that CSP with molten salt storage is as reliable as fossil fuel generation for meeting the grid’s demands at peak times. As intermittent renewables like wind power and photovoltaics become more common, they will contribute less and less to meeting peak demands, but CSP with storage maintains its value over the long term, even as demand profiles change.

Seamless Renewable Integration.

While other renewables typically need conventional fossil fuels to back them up, SolarReserve’s CSP with storage can be seamlessly integrated into the power grid on its own. In fact, SolarReserve offers ancillary services like spinning reserves and frequency regulation, which can ease the integration of intermittent renewables elsewhere. Storage also allows CSP to be dispatched in response to the needs of the grid, ramping up and down like a conventional state-of-the-art power plant, which can pave the way for more renewables to be integrated in the long term.

Pure Green Solar Generation.

SolarReserve’s CSP projects offer emissions-free renewable energy. Unlike other CSP technologies, SolarReserve requires no fossil fuel use for operations, and can offer utilities a fixed price of energy for the entire life of the project. This eliminates fuel price risk and air emissions risks while satisfying renewable and storage procurement goals.

Bankable Technology.

SolarReserve is the only company in the world to have developed, fully financed, and constructed a molten salt power tower in the 100 MW size class. (See our Crescent Dunes project.) SolarReserve’s unique technology is the leading solution worldwide for large-scale solar and storage.


CSP Solutions, From Peaking to Baseload. Among solar providers, SolarReserve offers the most storage at the lowest cost to the utility customer. Our CSP solutions are at a large scale – typically 50 to 150 MW in capacity and 400 to 700 GWh in output, per facility, offering anywhere from four to 24 hours of storage. Capacity, annual output, and storage amount are all customized to each particular application and solar profile. Simply by adjusting the size of the power block relative to the solar collection and storage, SolarReserve can offer peaking plants, baseload plants, and everything in between. Because SolarReserve’s hot molten salt is stored at 1,050°F, power can be generated using conventional steam power equipment, including turbines at typical high-efficiency temperatures and pressures. The combined system operates just like a conventional state-of-the-art steam plant.

Best-In-Class PV Solutions.

SolarReserve leverages its development expertise and understanding of solar system design to offer best-in-class photovoltaic (PV) solutions to utilities. We excel at designing PV plants that offer the greatest long-term value to the utility customer, whether fixed-tilt or tracking, crystalline silicon or thin film. We believe that PV is an important part of the renewable energy mix.
SolarReserve is uniquely positioned to offer advanced hybrid solar power plants using two or more complementary technologies. For utility customers:


PV is integrated into a CSP plant, offering a combined project with a lower energy cost than CSP alone, and with significantly more dispatch flexibility than stand-alone PV. For baseload applications, the CSP is dispatched around the PV generation, providing a full 24-hour solution at the lowest cost.


CSP can be combined with conventional power plants like coal and natural gas to reduce fuel use and emissions. Hot molten salt is capable of generating steam consistently at the optimal temperature and pressure for most conventional steam power plants. CSP can deliver solar-generated steam to a power plant in the most energy-efficient form possible, with more straightforward integration than other CSP technologies can offer.


Lessons learned in designing the world’s largest solar and storage projects can be applied to smaller PV-plus-battery projects. SolarReserve leverages its unique insight into the value of storage to offer highly valuable, optimally configured hybrids using PV and batteries.


Greenfield Project Development.

SolarReserve has a proven track record of success developing projects for energy sales to utility customers. As a development company, SolarReserve carefully manages the process of selecting a site, designing the optimal solar configuration, and pursuing permits and entitlements for construction. SolarReserve is experienced in managing the electrical interconnection and transmission process and negotiating financeable power purchase agreements. Our typical business model also includes managing the financing, construction, and operation of the solar facility.

Supply and Support.

When a utility or other energy company already has a CSP project under development, SolarReserve can provide valuable support services, such as permitting advisory, performance modeling, and solar resource assessment. More importantly, SolarReserve can supply critical components such as the molten salt tower receiver, heliostat mirrors, control systems, and design and engineering services.