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Sonic detection and ranging technology solution for wind energy industry - Energy - Wind Energy

Wind Energy has brought new life to the wind measurement industry, including SoDAR. With wind turbine hub heights reaching over 100m and blade spans of up to 80m, measurements across the entire blade swept area are becoming critical. SoDAR provides that information and ASC`s SoDARs offer more.

Typically, wind energy looks at wind speed and wind direction with the use of 60m towers. These tower measurements just barely break into the lower portion of the blade swept area. This data is then used to project the wind speed at the hub height of a turbine (not even the entire blade swept area). Since large scale wind farms have been consistently under producing, the need for real information across the blades of a turbine is mandatory, both prior to installation and during operation. SoDAR in general provides this information and more (like vertical velocities). More specifically, ASC's SoDARs include a look at atmospheric structure, directional wind shear, velocity wind shear, component velocities, and turbulence all capable of being provided in real-time. This information can be used for site suitability analysis, operating performance analysis, and power production analysis. With an ASC SoDAR, this critical information can be streamed directly to the desks of the decision maker with no delay.