1×30MW and 2×15MW power plant boilers, which will be much better


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1×30MW, 2×15MW power plants boiler which will be much better

According to our discussion in some forum with some experts and our real experiences, it is founded that two sets of 15MW is much more better than the former in many aspects:

I. One boiler can operate normally if the fuel is not enough for two boilers. However, for one sets 30MW boiler, we have to lower the working rate on that condition, so it will have great effect on the boiler efficiency.

II. The boiler have to be shut down if there is some bad condition happens, but for two set boilers, another can still work. So it is more flexible for the development of the whole power plant

III. Theoretically, when the steam consumption is more than 100t/h, high pressure and high temperature steam will be used, for the supporting turbine, it is about 25MW. So if we use one set of 30MW power plants, we do not have to choose high pressure and high temperature, accordingly, the thickness of tubes and drum will be enhances, at this condition, the whole cost of the power plant will be higher than that of two sets.


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