5kw Solar Power Plant - Case Study

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(1)The Project Proposed

Overseas Division Construction Engineering Group is mainly responsible for overseas market development function.In foreign countries, especially developing countries, Many engineering projects are away from downtown or some new area, project management and life electricity sometimes rely on diesel generators provided.Diesel generators is reliable, but there exist high fuel costs, noise and exhaust pollution and other issues.According to the currentdevelopment of crystalline silicon solar power technology,  in some regions of field engineering operations, the complement of solar power and diesel power each other can gradually replace diesel-powered generator.
5KW Solar Tracking Power System

On the site of a country in Africa, it currently use diesel power generator. but  overseas business hope to design a 5KW solar independent power system to provide the necessary power supply for the project.When solar power can not meet the needs,it  can automatically switch to diesel power generation unit.

(2)System Design Introduction

According to customer requirements, we initially identified program: The system uses 175W monocrystalline solar modules,altogether 30, installed capacity is 5250W (175 × 30).According to the amount of sunlight in Africa, It Generate electricity about 10,000 degrees annually. According to the environmental requirements,the power generation system take hot galvanized as angle bracket system, which are easy removal and installation. Over the stent using chute structure to fix the battery pack, every five components of a module, altogether six modules, and the modules are bolted.Combiner box and the control cabinet are fixed to the bottom bracket or a safe place. DC solar energy emitted battery pack charged by the controller,And it convert to the DC 220V AC through the Solar Inverter.When the battery energy storage dropped to 75%, the system automatically switches to the diesel generator.The whole system covers about 40 square meters and The system life is more than 25 years.

(3) Introduce of the Principle of Solar photovoltaic Engergy systems

Solar photovoltaic power generation system is the use of semiconductor materials PV modules 'photovoltaic effect'  directly convert solar radiation into electrical energy of a new generation system.
Solar photovoltaic energy come from inexhaustible solar energy and in the process of solar photovoltaic power generation, and it will not bring pollution to the air and not destroy the ecology,which is a clean and safe source of energy.At the same time It is continued to generate in nature and regularly replenished characteristics, so called clean energy and renewable.

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