A brief history of the New England wood pellet

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Courtesy of BioEnergy Conference & Exhibition

Steve Walker started his company in 1992. New England Wood Pellet has grown from a single, “little tiny mill” to a 100,000-tonne plant; a research, development, and fabrication facility called Biofuel Energy Systems; and Palmer Reload and Packaging Center, which packages product brought by rail from B.C.

Walker’s next initiative is to bring boilers into the US industrial northeast commercial market. Working with companies in Austria and Sweden, he said he insists on the “need to build a market beyond just the pellet stove.”

Consumers are “a fickle group of people,” stated Walker. To store large quantities of inventory at the New York plant, he said the plant manager convinced the town to allow him to use the dead-end highway: “We filled the whole road with pellets.”

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