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A comercial store for the solar energy

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In this paper we will introduce our mathematical model for the solar energy sink, which can be used in general for the bio-energy processing. This model was based on the basic principle property of the heat capacity for the working mixture of the reservoir. Our modification here was to convert the storage energy into an energized air rotating any turbine, and generator to power electricity for various bio-energy processing, or directly applying the heat to the biomass reactors. The model was computerized and solved by using the MATLAB program with which the results also were converted to clear figures. The variables of the present model, and program were related to the properties of the working fluids mixture, and the reservoir dimensions, and shape. The variables were numerous wide and we tried to simplify and review the case for any future progress.


The global warming phenomenon is basically due to the high pollution of CO2 gas from the commercial fuels. In 1990, the world released 24.2 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere 23 percent of which came from the United States. By 2025, worldwide emissions are expected to hit 41.6 billion tons [1]. Now the whole world realized seriously this impact on the future of our planet, and intensive efforts were investigated a new energy resources, like wind, sea, and solar etc. Since that a valuable achievement has been enhanced in all directions.

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