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A new multidisciplinary team for the UK's 21st century homes

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This paper discusses the reasoning behind the UK government's recent reduction in its projection for 4.4 million new homes to 3.8 million new homes to be built by 2016. Two distinct approaches by residential developers to improve the design of new homes are presented with four example projects. One project attempts to recreate village life, whilst the other three projects' ethos is to provide working examples of energy efficient housing developments. These four projects highlight an increasing pattern by residential developers to employ external consultants. This and proposed amendments to Document L of the Building Regulations could mean an opening for a new professional partnership to secure commissions in the new homes sector. Dynamic simulation is discussed as one tool, not traditionally utilised in housing design. A research project at the University of Glamorgan including the design of a two-storey earth sheltered house uses a dynamic simulation package in its evaluation of this house.

Keywords: multidisciplinary, architectural engineer, energy efficient housing residential developers, design, dynamic simulation, earth sheltered housing, market challenge

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