A persuasiv heating concept - case study


Courtesy of bwe Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG

The biogas plant in Ardorf commenced operations in 2007, following an extremely short permit-issuance and construction phase. The plant is located in a specifically-designated special-operations area near Wittmund, and was started as a joint project. More than 80% of the input materials (including corn) are supplied directly from the operators' own farms. The plant in Ardorf is among the region's largest local-heating network. Prior to construction, intense dialogue took place between the operators, local politicians and the resident population to enable the realisation of the project with the broadest-possible base of acceptance.

Nowadays, heat is supplied in this manner to public institutions such as schools, gymnasiums and day-care centres. Via a second network, heat is supplied also to neighbouring households. For this express purpose, the local residents established the organisation 'Ardorf eG'. For an actual emergency situation, a separate heating boiler was also installed to warrant a reliable and constant supply of heat. Due to the very positive experience with the plants implemented by bwe and the very high yield output, the operators have decided to invest further in this eco-friendly technology. Currently, the construction of additional satellite block-type thermal power stations is pending.

Technical data
Year of construction: 2007
Power: 1131 kWel
190 kWel + 250 kWel (extern)
Input materials: Renewable raw materials

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