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A thermodynamic performance analysis of the transport sector of Nigeria

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In this research, energy consumption data is subjected to the concept of energy and exergy utilisation assessment with application to the transport sector of Nigeria. The energy and exergy flows over the 21–year period (1988–2009) were taken into consideration. The sector comprises four sub–sectors namely the roadway, the seaway, the railway and the airway. Pipeline transport is also an important transport sub–sector in Nigeria but credible energy consumption data was, however, not obtainable and as such the pipeline transport sub–sector is not considered in this research. Results from this research were then compared with the transportation sectors of other countries and were found to be similar with energy and exergy efficiencies of 24.24 and 23.58%, respectively.

Keywords: thermodynamics, thermal efficiency, energy efficiency, exergy efficiency, transport industry, Nigeria, road transport, rail transport, air transport, sea transport, railways, shipping, aircraft

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