Acrres - case study


Courtesy of Sustec Consulting & Contracting bv

Since 2007 Acrres (Application Centre for Renewable Resources) is the rural practice centre for sustainable energy and green raw materials. In 2008, Eneco became the strategic partner of Acrres. Sustec develops and tests new technology on the Acrres test location in Lelystad and contributes to the demonstration of a closed-loop system.

In January 2012 Sustec started with the construction of the first full scale TurboTec II® installation. In this installation, agricultural residual waste is preprocessed, so it can be converted into biogas in a better way. The residence time of the material in the reactor is 4 hours. That delivers 1.5 m³ of processed material that enters the fermentor. These fermentors are 400 m³ large. The difference between fermentation with and without TurboTec®II preprocessed material will therefore be gradually clear this year.

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