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Actions to promote energy-efficient electric motor repair

Electric motors are repaired 2-3 times over their lifetime. Poor repair practices, particularly widespread in developing countries, can lead to a significant increase in motor losses. It is estimated that worldwide poor repair leads to annual electricity losses of approximately 40 TWh, representing 20 Mtons of CO2 emissions. The main objective of this paper is to provide a technical basis for designing demand side management actions, which address the motor repair market. This paper brings into focus motor repair process trends, energy-efficient motors, typical repair process, actions to promote energy-efficient motor repair, energy-efficient motor rebate schemes to replace old, badly damaged motors and the factors influencing payback. This paper will be useful to energy policy makers, and Demand Side Management (DSM) staff in energy agencies and electric utilities.

Keywords: electric motor repair, energy-efficient motors, DSM, savings, payback

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