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Adaptive Reuse of Obsolete Power Plants

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A new world has dawned in the Electric Utility Industry because of the combined effects of deregulation, fuel costs and unit efficiencies, and changes in regulatory requirements applicable to 'Grand- fathered' fossil power plants. Many electric utility companies are finding that older facilities are no longer viable as electrical generating stations in the new competitive environment. Fortunately, the strong economy and interests in urban renewal, combined with the locations and architectural scale of old power plants, have resulted in creating opportunities for adaptive reuse of these obsolete facilities. This paper will examine the background for the current wave of plant decommissioning and then highlight some of the creative reuses that have been implemented or are currently underway in the United States and abroad. Examples include the Tate Modern museum in London, England; the Power Plant museum in Toronto, Canada; the Power Plant complex at Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland; the Comal Power Plant in New Braunfels, Texas and the Seaholm Power Plant in Austin, Texas.

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