Advantages Of Using Briquettes Over Conventional Fuels


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Is there a renewable source of energy that can replace the conventional fuel? Is the source greener and cheaper as compared to other sources? Is it easy to use? So many different questions and a simple answer to all of them is ‘‘YES’’. A biomass briquette plant is an ideal replacement to the traditional types of fuel which are highly dangerous to the environment.

The multiple benefits of a briquette plant are contemplating industries as well as homeowners to switch to this cheaper and safer source of energy. A large number of experts believe that these plants will completely transform the way in which we generate energy in near future.

What is the briquetting process?

The briquetting process is a process in which a briquetting plant is used to create combustible blocks from different materials, like cotton stalk, bagasse, almond shells, cumin waste, rice husk, tea husk, saw dust, etc. These blocks can be used as cooking fuel, heat or generate electricity. As no binder is used in the entire briquetting process, the briquette blocks are completely clean and green, making it perfect for use in open fires, furnaces and boilers.

What are the benefits of using briquettes over conventional fuels?

There are multiple benefits of using briquettes over other non-renewable sources of energy. Some of the most beneficial ones are-

• Cheap: Biomass briquettes are cheaper than other energy sources, like fuel oil, propane and natural gas. While coal is a little cheaper than briquettes, the latter has many more benefits as compared to the former.

• Pollution-less: Briquettes are cleaner and greener source of energy. They produce little or no smoke, soot or carbon deposits when they burn, and no harmful gases or chemicals are emitted in their burning process.

• Easy to Make, Use and Store: If you have briquetting machines, you can easily create your own briquettes with the help of combustible materials. Moreover, their compact shape and size allow you to use and store them easily.

• Efficiency:  Briquettes burn slowly in a controlled manner. They have a low amount of moisture and density, which allows it to burn at intense temperatures.

Any other Benefits?

As the briquettes are a cleaner source of energy, the government of many countries, including India offers multiple incentives for using briquette machines. Some of the incentives offered by Indian Government are-

• 35% subsidy by the government on the total cost of the briquette plant;

• No income tax for first five years;

• NOC from the State Pollution Board is not compulsory for using these plants;

• Low-interest rates from government financial institutions.

As you can see, a briquettes machine is not only eco-friendly but economically-friendly as well. From industries to a household, they can be used in multiple applications while keeping the environment safe and providing you with substantial savings.

Jaykhodiyar is a prominent briquette machinery supplier and offers industrial as well as household briquette solutions. They already have an esteemed reputation in the market, and constant improvements in the services and products only augment their prominence further.

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