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An efficient artificial immune algorithm for power system reliability optimisation

Many systems as mechanical electrical or telecommunication are implemented by using a set of interconnected subsystems. While the design of the overall system may often be fixed, individual subsystems may be implemented differently. A designer needs to either achieve highest reliability while minimising the total cost, or maximise the reliability while using only the available budget. Intuitively, some of the lowest-reliability components may need special attention to raise the overall reliability level. Such an optimisation problem may arise while designing complex industrial systems. In this work, a meta-heuristic immune algorithm (IA) was introduced and applied to solve a redundant optimisation problem presented by multi-state series-parallel systems. We supposed variation of the load cumulative demand curve null. The proposed meta-heuristic determines the minimal investment-costs system configuration to satisfy reliability constraints. A universal generating function technique is applied to evaluate system availability.

Keywords: artificial immune algorithm, metaheuristics, redundancy optimisation, multi-state systems, universal generating function, series-parallel systems, power system reliability

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