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An empirical study of nuclear power–related knowledge flow after Fukushima

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Fukushima nuclear power plant accident has become a hot topic in debates among professional communities. It also caused knowledge searching and knowledge sharing among social groups. However, there is a lack of empirical studies investigating nuclear power–related knowledge flow in social communities. This paper examines nuclear power–related knowledge flow by focusing on the case of college students in South Korea. The research investigates the following objectives: the types of knowledge shared, the mechanism of knowledge flow, effectiveness of knowledge flow, and the factors influencing the knowledge flow. The results show that different types of nuclear energy–related knowledge were shared; mass media play an important role in knowledge flow; trust relationship, personal interests and cultural factors influence the effectiveness of knowledge flow.

Keywords: knowledge flow, nuclear energy, policy, nuclear power plants, NPP, nuclear safety, communication channels, social media, trust, culture, Fukushima accident, knowledge sharing, South Korea, mass media, nuclear accidents

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