Animalistic heat


Courtesy of TiSUN GmbH

Rearing animals requires a lot of patience, dedication and above all, constant warmth. Since this very year, a farmer from Schrozberg, Germany, relies on cost cutting technologies, namely solar thermal heating and wood chip heating.

A constant temperature of 45 degrees Celsius is crucial to breed piglets. Enormous costs were the result of utilizing gas heating to provide a constant temperature for family Hetzel, in the North of Baden-Württemberg. After hours of consultation with installer Klaus Albich, the breeders decided to invest in the sty in 2012. They integrated floor heating and heat stations for the piglets. An efficient TiSUN system with a collector surface of 40 m² and an ETA wood chip heating with 50 kW has been installed to supply the building with hot water for heating.

Otto Throm, representative of the industry, explained: “The farm owner had to utilize too much gas, which was against his modern and adequate animal housing philosophy; hence he decided upon a more eco-friendly and cost efficient way to breed his piglets. To enable the entire project, a trapezoidal roof had to be put in place of the old roof to accommodate the TiSUN large scale collector (FA 2/5).” The southern alignment and 45 degree inclination of the collector is especially efficient for this project.

Markus Hetzel, piglet breeder and farm owner, states, “We do appreciate the perfect integration of TiSUN’s large scale collector into the building and the minimal heat loss. The installation was quick and through the interconnection of the system, we are able to control it ourselves. The company Albich can monitor the system on their computers or even when they are on the go, they can retrieve and set the data of the applications at any time.”

The combination of solar thermal and biomass is gaining continuously popularity, as the utilization of these systems is free of charge and CO2 neutral. Through the TiSUN solar thermal installation the wood chip application is discharged through the summer months, hence the operation time of the boiler can be significantly reduced.

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