Are solar farms threatening feed-in-tariffs?

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A Government review is expected to clarify how feed-in-tariff will proceed without undermining confidence in the PV industry.

A government announcement is expected this week on the fate of the feed-in-tariff (FIT) scheme, with a review of the policy, originally planned for 2012. This has been brought forward in response to an increasing number of solar farms being granted planning permission.
Through the feed-in-tariff, the government pays homeowners, businesses and organizations, including schools and community groups for the electricity they generate through small-scale green energy installations such as solar panels.

When it was set up on 1 April last year, feed-in-tariff were introduced as a green subsidy that would encourage take-up of renewable energy systems and provide communities with self-generated green power and reduced energy bills. What no one predicted is the emergence of large-scale solar farms. According to Cornwall council, more than 60 domestic and foreign companies have expressed an interest in developing solar farms in the county.

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