AST regional fuel distribution and services provider – Case Study


Courtesy of Tanknology Inc.

The Challenge
This Tanknology client is one of the largest regional wholesale petroleum marketers in the US, currently operating 15 bulk-fueling locations with more than 100 Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs), supplies, fuel and lubricants to thousands of clients across multiple states. The company is an expansion mode, with frequent acquisitions. Tanknology historically has supported the company with compliance services related to their UST customers and in 2014 began assisting with AST services.

All of the company’s 100-plus ASTs are subject to the EPA’s SPCC regulations and SPCC plans are in place for their facilities. However, as they acquire sites, they need verification of requisite SPCC plans – and all of their sites require the SPCC-specified periodic inspections to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations, as appropriate.

The Solution
Tanknology worked with the client and its PE consultant to create a program for inspection of each of their AST facilities requiring formal inspections.

The sites were a mix of both their historical sites and those which were newly acquired. Prioritization was fluid, helping to ensure that needed services were provided at the right time, based upon needs as they were identified.

As the facilities covered a wide geographic footprint, Tanknology’s national footprint enabled the client to have a single point of contact managing all of their AST inspection requirements efficiently and cost-effectively, no matter where they were located.

As AST facilities are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ proposition, each has its own unique characteristics and requirements, which are detailed in their individual SPCC plans. Each foundationally requires a SP-001 inspection on shop-built tanks containing up to 50,000 gallons of fuel/oil and field-erected tanks containing up to 264,000 gallons. Additional requirements will vary from site-to-site but generally, Tanknology’s services at this client’s sites included inspections which covered the following aspects of a site:

  • Condition of the containment structure
  • Proper operation of corrosion protection system
  • No water present in the tank, secondary containment, interstice or spill container
  • Liquid level and overfill system is operational
  • Drain valves operable and in closed position
  • Roof in good condition
  • Vents operable and free of obstruction
  • Insulation in good condition
  • Electrical conditions are normal
  • Proper documentation of all inspections is available at the site along with a copy of the facility SPCC plan
  • And more, as required.

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