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Athea-Dromada Wind Farm Design and Compliance Studies - Case Study


Courtesy of TNEI Services Ltd

Location: Ireland

Key Facts:

Client: Powerteam Electrical Services Ltd
Disciplines: Power Systems

Project Description:

Project Team: Performed by in-house TNEI Power Systems experts

Objective: To conduct a set of wind farm design and grid compliance studies for both Athea and Dromada wind farms in IPSA+ and PSCAD. Athea and Dromada are geographically close and comprise of almost 70 1.5MW and 2.5MW GE wind turbines connected to the Eirgrid 110kV transmission network.

Scope: Detailed models of the wind farms were created in IPSA+ and PSCAD to conduct a set of studies including load flow, network losses, fault level studies, wind farm reactive power capability assessment, harmonic analysis, flicker, and insulation co-ordination studies for both lightning and switching surges.

A comprehensive wind farm harmonic analysis was conducted to assess the wind farms’ harmonic compliance, but also to identify harmonic issues in Eirgrid’s network affected by wind farm harmonic injections.

Detailed insulation co-ordination studies were conducted to assess maximum over voltages due to lightning surges, internal and external switching surges, generation rejection and transformer ferro-resonance phenomenon. These studies were then used to assess the suitability of the surge arrestors and identify any potential insulation issues.

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