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AtSite, a sustainable buildings company, uses eSight to manage energy for clients


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AtSite, a Sustainable Buildings Company, delivers smart, cost-effective solutions to create better performing buildings and spaces with lower operating costs. Working with the best partners in the industry, AtSite specializes in managing the delivery of new buildings and interiors, guiding the modernization and retrofit of existing buildings, and providing ongoing performance management and associated energy and sustainability services. AtSite uses eSight to manage energy data from a large number of meters in a variety of buildings including commercial properties, office buildings, religious structures, hospitals, and educational campuses.

The Requirements

AtSite required an energy platform that they could use to manage energy data from hundreds of meters across multiple sites. AtSite wanted a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for their energy suite, in order to manage usage on behalf of their clients.

They also needed a system with a user friendly front end so that clients could log on to view energy information in preconfigured environments set up by the AtSite team. Since AtSite clients would have access to the energy platform, AtSite required a system that could be customized and tailored to fit their corporate guidelines and specific client needs.

The Solution

AtSite chose eSight to manage energy data for their portfolio of clients. They customized the environment and adapted it to their Performax Portal. AtSite selected eSight for the sophisticated analytics, but also for the intuitive, user-friendly interface.

AtSite clients can now login to the AtSite Performax Portal branded system via Express Access to view energy and overall sustainable data in a customized environment delivered by the AtSite team. AtSite also configure dashboards so their clients are able to display detailed energy data in a graphical interface. AtSite uses the Performax Portal to optimize energy usage and identify cost savings across many different building types including the USGBC headquarters.

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