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Aura leisure centre - Youghal - case study


Courtesy of Imperative Energy Ltd (IEL)

Key Facts

  • Boiler Type: UTSK
  • Size: 360kW
  • Fuel: Wood Chip

Imperative Energy Ltd examined the new Leisure Centre at Youghal in 2008 / 2009 with a view to installing biomass heating systems to compliment the existing oil-fired systems.

The traditional approach to providing for domestic central heating and hot water in a centre such as this one is to install either an oil or gas boiler. While this is the orthodox approach in Ireland, it is seen as outdated in almost all other EU Member States. In terms of its fuel requirements for energy generation, Ireland is the most import dependent country in the OECD. The impact of this is now being felt in rising oil and gas prices, with a knock on effect to other prices and an erosion of manufacturing competitiveness.

In 2009 Imperative Energy installed a Schmid UTSK 360kW Boiler that operates on Wood-chip. The Boiler was commissioned and is fully operational since Q4 2009.

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