Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate

AUS$2.4bn investment for ultra high efficiency solar power station

Breakthrough photovoltaic concentrators producing ultra high efficiencies have been developed by Solar Systems (an Australian company) and deployed in a number of projects, on a relatively small scale in collaboration with the Australian Government. Beginning with an AUD$0.424 Billion, 154MW phase in Australia, this project aim to deploy at least 1GW of power stations technology across Australia, China and the United States, all producing power for less than 1/6th the cost of current solar power. The technology includes solar concentrator technology developed by Solar Systems and cell technology originating in the United States for extra terrestrial applications and enhanced and otimized by Solar Systems in collaboration with Spectrolab (a U.S. based Boeing company). Solar Systems will work with local partners to manufacture solar concentrators, and construct, own and operate power stations.

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