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Auto Dealership, Dalton ,Ga


Courtesy of Exo Tech Inc.

An isco application utilizing hydrogen peroxide activated by naturally occurring iron was applied to treat a large dissolved btex plume (> 200) with free product that had migrated under a building. Two source areas were treated: a gasoline ust pit and a former waste oil pit. The results indicated the complete removal of free phase product and a decline in dissolved btex by two orders of magnitude or greater. The btex treatment was completed by exo tech using activated sodium persullate.treatment at the waste oil pit was performed via a horizontal injection well installed in the adjacent alley. The treatment enabled the sale of the propeny and facilitated a no further action' status from the epd- ustmp.
A separate source area injection treatment was also performed using potassium penuanganate to eliminate vinyl chloride around the waste oil pit. The success of this treatment facilitated a no listing' letter from the epd hazwaste division.

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