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Basic direction of energy saving policies in the Republic of Belarus

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The distinctive particularity of the economy of the Republic at present is that the realisation of crisis-proof measures by the end of 1995 managed to stabilise the situation in the majority of sectors of industry, but as from 1996, the objective is to ensure a growing volume of production whilst reducing the consumption of energy resources. The guidelines for the law on energy saving and the governmental programme on energy saving are: legal and normative-methodical administration, economic and financial regulations; organisation of production and industrial output in the Republic's energy saving equipment and materials; realisation of state control for rational use of fuel energy resources; stimulation of research studies in the field of energy saving; normalising the consumption of power resources on the output of products, work and services; active foreign economic activity; upgrading the qualifications of specialists; and propaganda and popularisation of the economic, ecological and social advantages of energy saving.

Keywords: economy, production, energy resources, energy saving, stimulation, equipment, propaganda, Belarus

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