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Basin Electric - wind and waste heat


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Location: Waste Heat Recovery projects in Culbertson, MT and Garvin, MN – Wind Projects Located in South Dakota and North Dakota
Project Start Dates: 2009 – 2011

Element Markets is helping Chevrolet meet its CO2 reduction goal, and simultaneously helping a large Midwest power cooperative earn revenues needed to support its clean energy projects. This win-win arrangement came about when Chevrolet made a multi-year commitment to reduce CO2 emissions through the purchase of carbon reductions (offsets) from renewable energy, energy efficiency projects and forestry/conservation projects. The automotive brand was interested in investing in projects that would benefit communities while generating emissions reductions. It also required that the reductions be measured and verified under a rigorous third-party GHG standard.

Element Markets stepped in with a solution. We had a long-standing relationship in place with Basin Electric Power Cooperative (BEPC), a cooperative that had voluntarily developed large renewable, emissions-free energy projects through wind power and waste heat recovery. We partnered with BEPC to validate their projects under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), generate offsets, and provide those credits to Chevrolet. Our ability to offer carbon offsets partially compensates the cooperative for its wind and waste heat recovery development costs. Utility customers in the community are benefiting, and Chevrolet is meeting its goals.

“We found Element Markets to be highly professional and very knowledgeable in the carbon market. They took on the task of guiding us through an unfamiliar and challenging process to certify our carbon credits, and their marketing services enhance the value of our green and renewable generation beyond what we could have done on our own.”

Ron Rebenitsch
Former Manager of Alternative Technologies, Basin Electric

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