Bath Michigan Solar Installation Case Study

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Courtesy of Patriot Solar Group

Project Overview

  • Patriot worked with Peninsula Solar to design a racking system that would work with limited space and not penetrate the ground surface.
  • The ground mount array utilized a non-penetrating ballasted design to work with the existing terrain on top of an underground house. To save space in the yard, the North row utilized a longer post to allow closer inner-row spacing.
  • 32 solar panels will offset approximately 9,800 kWh of electricity annually. The residential homeowner entered in to a 15 year power purchase agreement (PPA) as part of Consumers Energy Experimental Advanced Renewable Program (EARP).

Project Objectives

  • Design racking system in compliance with all local building codes.
  • Engineer post design to work with site soil conditions and achieve desired height clearance of 24 inches above grade at a 30 degree panel tilt.
  • Deliver racking material within 4 week lead time to ensure no project delays.
  • Install racking system quickly to maintain project schedule.

Project Results

  • Racking design met the desired height clearance in accordance with 90MPH wind load and 35PSF snow load.
  • Ballasted foundation design worked well with the site conditions with no required penetrations.
  • All racking material was delivered on time.
  • Entire racking assembly was completed in one day with a 2-man crew.

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