BC`s Green Economy Set to Grow

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Vancouver, BC (March 16, 2010) - The green economy in British Columbia could be worth over $27 billion by 2020, according to an independent study by the GLOBE Foundation of Canada.

The Vancouver-based GLOBE Foundation report, released today, assesses the economic and employment impacts associated with the transformation of the provincial economy towards lower-carbon energy generation and usage, as well as business practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

'British Columbia's Green Economy: Building a Strong Low-Carbon Future' stresses that BC's abundant natural resources, clean energy choices, and advanced research and educational strengths, coupled with its strategic location as Canada's Pacific Gateway, positions the province to realize significant economic and employment gains from the pursuit of low-carbon business opportunities.

'There is great potential for BC to be at the forefront of the emerging green economy by taking advantage of our existing assets such as our renewable energy resources and our diverse work force,' says John Wiebe, President and CEO of the GLOBE Foundation. 'This report demonstrates a promising future for BC's low-carbon sectors, even using conservative growth estimates. By aligning investment and policy initiatives with BC's core low-carbon sectors, there is a good potential for green GDP and job figures to grow higher still.'

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